An elephant in the woods.

The thickness of breathing in without an intention to be
invites a conscience so thin
that my mind runs wild, hoping to fill a void with fear.
But isn’t it fear that submits to nothingness?
If so, then how could my body learn how to swim?
How could I have believed that my skin,
this very multi-layered gold gust,
would call for a disapproval and disintegration to the very soil
that we built, even before time,
even before our eyes opened,
even before their hands were developed?
I had to reassure self of learning that
our thirst should not teach us to drown each other.
I had to relearn that we could lose
over fifty metric tonnes of soil per hectare each year
if we choose to keep settling to their conditions.
We are the standard.
We understand that there’s nothing that blooms without our touch.
We understand that we’ve lost decades of being a community.
We understand that this rage formed a disillusionment.
And I was just as ill;
Believed that i am not worth being seen,
relieved that my insanity was my own to heal,
because all I could ever do is feel.
And now I see reason to hold hands with my beloved.
To cherish our strengths and have faith in our resilience
for the divine is proud of our awakening
and we should be thankful to still have the ability to love.

Elijah Motsosi
South African

Born and raised in South Africa, I'm a poet and a Journalism and Media Studies graduate. I am a new WordPress blogger writing on art, emotional and mental wellness, socioeconomic issues, spirituality and solidarity. My intentions as an artist are to serve and connect. I would love to work on becoming a dramatist, screenwriter, broadcast and print reporter, and author.

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