African man digging.

I don't know the thing to tell you,
That you will be giving what you have given,

I am not a fortune teller,
And I know nothing of what the future holds for the present,

And I don't have about half a reason,
why you must give so you can receive,

For between reaping what you have sowed,
And sowing what you have reaped lies the tale,

The tale that life is give and take,
But sometimes you offer without gain,

Sometimes you gain without offering,
And sometimes you are offered without offering,

So, make your hands the ones that give
Before taking,
And the one that takes because it has given

Because life is a blank cheque,
What you write on it is what you see on it,

For sure, nothing comes from nothing,
And everything comes from something,

Because in life you will only reap what you have sow.

I’m an acclaimed poet, novelist, spoken-word artist, and a student leader. My work across multiple disciplines broadly addressed the narratives of human experience and challenges through poetry. As a poet, my works have been published on various reputable sites ranging from Hello Poetry, All poetry, Poetry Soup, Mirakee, Commaful, Rising Phoenix, and other relevant papers. Some of my works have also been featured on recognized African papers and sites ranging from MT. Kenya Time to CreatepreneurAfrica. I’m one of the authors of SOPWBACOP 20, one of the World's biggest anthology of contemporary poetry. My latest collection of poems entitled VICTIM is expected to be launched soon.

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