My Pen bleeds when it sees a sheet
In a white river with black lines, it didn't dare to sleep
Draining from its body, its blood
Expressing nothing else but words

Zipping off its encapsulation
Drawing signals from its tender Expresser
All she ever wanted to do
was to use her blood, to write out a change

Even though she feels meaningless without a hand
Logically squeezing her wrist
Creating patterns of evolutional stand
She still maintains her integrity in any midst

At times, I feel jealous
Jealous of how her romance with my sheet goes deeper
Jealous of how she secrets her all when my mind is null
Even though I shouldn't be cuz one day she will surely kick the bucket for me.

She's been used wrongly for a long time
Because she exists in silence
but when she finds the right hands
She gets back in her state of mind and lay down the lines

Oh, how pitiful, but wonderful
How she defines the world, from solid to dust
No wonder, she's mightier than the sword
and her prominence is robust

From age to ages
Working tirelessly without wages
Mediating our mind to the various stages
Breaking our mind from mental cages

Oh, Sweet Pen
I cherish every moment we have spent
Making use of every chance
I wish our relationship will never end

Charles is a young Liberian Spoken Word Poet and Author. He goes by the Penn Name: Charley De Inspirator and termed his writing style as Inspirational Poetry. His work has been featured in Local and Internal Poetry Magazines including PoetrySoup, We Write Liberia, League of Poets, Eboquils, hellopoetry, All Poetry, SpillWords, Shamsrumi, PoetrySoup, etc. Poetry has been his medium of communicating his thoughts and emotions and has used it to inspire many young people.

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