A type writer.

Today I woke up to the sun
She smiled with a heavenly glow
Her eyes whispered,
And I picked up my pen.

This afternoon, the skies called me,
They were angry with the earth,
They wanted to speak
So they spoke through my pen.

This afternoon, Lagos knocked my door
She cried that life was unfair to her
She had the good, the bad and the ugly.
She wanted hope and she asked through my pen.

This evening, people cornered me,
They hated the universe,
She treated them like trash
And stole all their joy.
They were in pain, so they cursed through my pen.

This night, the moon got upset
The stars didn't want to talk with her
They said she was fat
And too lonely.
She felt alone so she sought comfort
In the arms of my pen.

Everything through flows through the pen
The day, the night, your breath, my life.
For the world is in words,
And words are in my pen.

I'm a writer, poet, content creator and Mental Health advocate. I'm known by my penname Eddie Levi. My works have been featured in online magazines and anthologies. I was shortlisted for Christlit hub competition. My first novella SHE (Death's Curse) has sold many copies and still selling. I have organized seminars on mental health and been part of several editorial boards including the magazine of Writers Space Africa, Lesotho. I'm a member of Earnest Writes Community and Writers Space Africa as well many other writing Communities and families.

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