A Poem Written In Celebration Of The 60th Anniversary Of Uganda's Independence.

Oh Uganda, God's chosen pearl of Africa
From the highlands of Mt. Elgon in the east
To the snow-capped Rwenzori highlands to the west
A beautiful land crisscrossed by the equator
And endowed with the best climate the tropics can offer
Oh Uganda, my homeland.

Oh Uganda, My homeland
A country composed of various ethnicities and tribes
Cultures so diverse and unique that cultural appreciation is the norm
The different dances, food, cultural ceremonies and of course the languages
Luganda, Luo, RunyanKole, runyakitara, lusoga, amongst many others
All forming a diversity in speech that is representative of our African heritage
Oh Uganda, my homeland.

Oh Uganda, my homeland
The fertile soils that make us the food basket of the great lakes region
The soils from which our most valuable export coffee is grown
From the bounty harvests of tea, coffee, cotton, vanilla, oil palm
To amazing ankole long horned cattle.
Uganda , a country for whom, agriculture is the back borne of our economy
Oh Uganda, my homeland.

Oh Uganda, my homeland
From the vibrant festivities during the day
The daily hustle and tussle on the streets of cities like Kampala, jinja, Mbarara and Mbale
To the ever electrifying and vibrant nightlife
that makes Kampala, a city that never that sleeps
Oh Uganda, my homeland.

Oh Uganda, my homeland
A land that has given birth to great empires and societies
From the golden age of the Chwezi empire to the heights of kingdoms such as Buganda, Bunyoro, Ankole and Tooro.
Societies that introduced technologies such as iron making, salt mining together with coffee growing in the great lakes region.
Kingdoms that developed into societies that define Uganda and the greater east African region to date
Oh Uganda, my homeland.

Oh Uganda, my homeland.
A land that has given birth to many greats over the years
From sporting legends such as Stephen Kiprotich, Joshua Cheptegei, John Aki-Bua
Denis Onyango, Kassim Ouma and many others
an Oscar awarded actor in Daniel Kaluuya, influential persons on the global stage such as Winnie Banyinma, vanessa Nakate
To prominent journalists such as Allan Kasujja and Nancy Kacungira
oh Uganda, my homeland.

Oh Uganda , my homeland
A land that stands for peace and hospitality
A statement backed up by the beaming smiles across the faces of the people
A country so welcoming that it provides sanctuary for millions of refugees
A country whose independence was through negotiation, not conflict,
a vivid testament to the people's determination FOR PEACE
Oh Uganda, my homeland.

Oh Uganda, my homeland
A country where God takes centre stage
From a nation that promotes religious freedoms as enshrined in the constitution
To a nation that has sacrificed a lot in the name of faith
From the blood of our glorious martyrs to the courage of our religious leaders such as Janani Luwum
Oh Uganda, my homeland.

I'm a Ugandan writer and blogger. I have always felt sad that the African narrative is dictated by foreigners, that we are taught another man's perspective. I therefore write to give the reader what I believe is the real African story.

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