Candle light.

It creeps up on you
When you least expect it
Like a sunset... it won't last long
But it will usher you into the
Longest and darkest night of your life

"I hit my head while cleaning"
"Everything's fine, it's just a headache"
The start of every horror movie
In which you beg God
To kill off your favorite character first
Because living is so painful & no one survives it

The strongest woman I ever knew
Now cries out for her dead mum
Her once vibrant voice, gone silent
So she can't beg for mercy, & pray for us
The night is now pitch black
So neither can she see or touch us
I lie awake and watch it all,
As it sucks the life out of my mum
Piece by piece, until she is lifeless.

I'm a Ugandan poet. I started liking and writing poetry back in high school but I never got serious about it until I went to University. Poetry for me is an escape; an outlet for all the noise in my head. It is a way to process my thoughts and feelings in a way that is hopefully relatable to others or moves people. I believe we all experience life in similar ways and if my poetry can touch one person out there, it's all I ever really want. I hope you can enjoy and relate to all the chaos in my head.

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