O Heart, you were made to pump blood
But now, you control my choices
I open you to the world
But you turn my sentences into clauses

I sashed you with smiles
though I'm sunk to the floor
I'm rolling with the tides
While longing to soon reach for the shores

The pain resonates within
Fed with thorns masked by roses
The expected end is where it begins
At the tunnel, all I see are cages

Oh, heart, I plead for will
Though all at hand could spill.

Charles is a young Liberian Spoken Word Poet and Author. He goes by the Penn Name: Charley De Inspirator and termed his writing style as Inspirational Poetry. His work has been featured in Local and Internal Poetry Magazines including PoetrySoup, We Write Liberia, League of Poets, Eboquils, hellopoetry, All Poetry, SpillWords, Shamsrumi, PoetrySoup, etc. Poetry has been his medium of communicating his thoughts and emotions and has used it to inspire many young people.

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