Matooke and a mountain peak.

This is a poetic confession from Mother Nature.
A prayer for all nations to give heed to the words she utters.
Day by day she watches as we trample on her giving hands.
Crushing her resources all in the name of work.
We constantly break laws of nature,
giving her a hunch back for the benefit of our own hands.

Building mansions with trees on her bleeding back,
but never planting back.
Our destructive actions cause her climate to change.
It changes as we destroy productivity,
Hindering economic growth and social progress,
Greed is colour blinding us from her pain,
so we can no longer recognize the green colour of her happiness.
All in the name of work.

What’s work without the betterment of life for the next generation?
What’s work when we destroy the same Mother Nature?
That’s bending her back daily for us to get our daily bread.
Burning chemicals that choke the ozone layer
Defacing her in the name of work.

She cries,
with a voice slowly dying,
but with pride she knows,
The hope of her resurrection lies in us,
her sons and daughters.
The lessons she taught us are never to go in vain so it’s on us.
To save planet earth in this changing world of work.
In our hands her resources are to be safe.
Let’s strive for a low carbon climate,
using renewable energies.
Implementing policies that protect our natural working environments,

Let’s show the need to create equilibrium.
A balance between environmental and human needs.
Prioritizing production of green products and services,
creating employment in environmentally friendly processes.
That way,
we preserve her resources.

For a successful transition,
Ethics, right knowledge and skill acquirement are needed,
to create an economy that’s fully green.
This is the world she dreams.

A world were we bridge
the gap between poor and rich.
Fair income on pays slips.
Rights to express opinions in peace,
with no fear for we will have social protection as we work or sleep.

All gender differences are not seen.
International collaboration is what we should seek.
Removing all discriminations of black and white,
Creating a new human species called green.
A species that’s one with Mother Nature.
This will guarantee success in the changing world of work.

She is the voice from the wilderness.
With love, weeping and hoping.
That we can clean our eyes and see,
the importance of an economy that’s green.

In the writing of many other poets, Words are far more powerful when written. I am an architect of emotions. Known as Tino the Poet from, Gweru Zimbabwe. I am a wordsmith, poet and spoken word artist. African by birth but my work speaks to a far greater audience beyond the borders of Africa. My inspiration is drawn from life, the ups and downs, and the good and bad memories. I know no better way to convey a message than through poetry.

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