African man hand cuffed with money in his hands.

"A Poem About Corruption"

In Africa,
riches are found on the table of politics
so everyone pulls toward the empty seats

in my country, there are miracles
that our mind can't comprehend
like how corruption was promised
to be a public enemy 2005
turned itself into a nation's vampire 2011
& sucked our resources

till today,
we're still learning how not
to take the children's food & give it to dogs
when the dogs are dressed in children's clothing.

I'm an undergraduate student at the University of Liberia. My works explore a variety of topics and have been featured and forthcoming in Salamander Ink Magazine, WSA, Eboquill, Nantygreen, Yellow House, Literary Yard, Agape Review, Poemify, An Anthology for Abunic, and elsewhere.

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