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Kintu felt for Gitta. He knew the snare of being a man. Society heaped such expectations on manhood that in a bid to live up to them, some men snapped.” “Primigravida, fourteen years old?”

Beautifully written, Makumbi takes us back in time through different branches of the family tree. The book is a journey through generations, delicately addressing essential issues in a way that is easy to understand.

At a point, you want to bring the story to an end so you can solve the mystery, but each tale addresses different themes: history, Religion, Family ties, War, Masculinity, Sexuality, and incest.

The awakened had shaken off most of Ugandan culture yet aspects of traditional manhood persisted. Cooking is unmanly”. As in Kanani’s case, that a man would subject himself to eating horrible food for over 30 years, even when he cooked better, just because of culture is astonishing.

Interesting, enjoyable, and quite long 💬

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