The day was a Friday afternoon, and I was busy listening to a lecture by a tall Mrs, who wore her hair short. She was lecturing on Juvenile Delinquency. In this age and time, there is an upsurged rate of this menace, and younger and even older generations are falling into this trap. It is crucial to note that the term juvenile means a criminal who is under the stipulated adult age as governed by a state or nation. With such a definition, it would be true to claim that in every generation, there are delinquents that continue to spice up the world. We all know that work without play makes Bill a dull boy. There has been a major marginalisation of people's minds and perspectives on past occasions simply because of cognitive identity. All we do is wonder whether I am smarter than the next person or even dumber than the person sitting next to me.

With such ideologies, we get to wonder over everything we do, as if we expect it to go any other way. Such is disguised as risk, which we all know that a significant population believes it pays in the end. I would beg to differ from the notion that claims that it pays. Because a majority of us begin to plan big projects/plans and then begin to decipher ways in which they would achieve the desired results. Now the notion that clarifies the cognitive identity of an individual as to whether they are smart or dumb would fog the person in engaging their maximum potential. Through such systems, labels such as delinquents are cast with the ones on the greener side who think they are smarter and better than the rest. Having sat in an economics class for nearly three years, I have learnt to take everybody I meet equal and equitable, as principles of demand and supply state balance is the only right thing, or as the books of accounts demand balancing for the monetary process to remain stable.

Over the years, experience taught me: it being the best teacher that being equitable is priceless. You literary cannot place a price tag on equity. We have seen countries (Italy) exhibiting might as world economies crumble simply because of a new virus that has yet to find its kryptonite. Yesterday in Kenya, a mheshimiwa (Leader) tested positive for the deadly virus. Here, in this case, I decipher the notion that bridges cognitive ability. One would think that people with money are smarter than others simply because they value smartness with the amount of money in the stipulated person's account. In this country, it is evident that those with money scoop top positions in government, claiming they have for too long starved in the private sector; look at the United States with Trump. Since time immemorial, a population has been marginalised for so long.

In our societies today, cognitive identity is a subject of discussion for the subject at a young age as 10. You'd see families identifying their younger members' cognitive strengths and weaknesses as they grow and develop. I mean, why would one cage another person? Simply because, according to them and their times, one going in a certain way is likely to end up in a box. The same box was designed by the same people who wonder if the next person is smarter than them. Ridiculous, isn't it? I thought so too. Being African, I would think our leaders should be nominated according to their character and personality, not according to cognitive measurements and money value they boast of. In the past, Kingship was through a monarch, a system that segregated a family for eternity to serve the community. One could wonder? Why them? Or even, Why always them? It is such negative energy that created the label Juvenile Delinquency. (Are defined as a group(s) of people engaging in anti-social behaviours that often lead to criminal behaviour.)

Since time immemorial, generations have suffered under the pressures of identity. I was a victim too once (Three wasted years), SMH! It is not without a doubt that not everyone has honest intentions, but there is a group of people that are dubbed not smart and are not fit for the white and green collar jobs. This specific group of people continue to think that those who drop out of school are likely to become hawkers at bus stops. I mean, could you believe this! Well, currently, the once mighty academia is at risk. Those who previously thought they had secured their futures through a sheet of paper are the same ones standing in a long queue in food malls, busy stocking food supplies with the notion that the virus won't affect their lifestyles in any way. Why such ignorant behaviour? Money, of course, their bank accounts have multiple commas. Now, an artist is having the time of their lives primarily because they now have the power to expose themselves in every way they desire. Creativity is an element that has been shunned in most generations, with a majority of it being dubbed as juvenile delinquency. It is time we as a human race should quit the labels and work harmoniously with one another despite the profession/career one pursues. It is time we shunned dullness and appreciated the beauty of a creative mind.

I write creative fiction and non-fiction. I recently released my first title, 'The African Powerhouse.' I have worked for a local magazine 'Bibsbebe' as the Chief Editor. It was an urban magazine that dealt with trendy topics in fashion, technology, lifestyle, and culture. I worked as an editor for Writers Space Africa-Kenyan Branch. I also had the post of a reviewer for the larger Writers Space Africa Monthly Magazine. I am a member of the International Human Rights Art Festival 2021. I currently have a blog.

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