African girl with a jerrycan over her head

Here in this city, nights come like a soaked thought,
because mornings appear like a stone throw from immersion,

into a waterfall of the huge torments of frustration,
children find it difficult to identify their fathers’ flaws as they turn into Street citizens,

Here in Monrovia,
A child does not look into his mother’s face without seeing a fading dream,

Here in this city, your worth is refunded with falling vision,
while you ponder what prayer to offer,

In my city, young boys and girls are victims of drugs abuse,
They have made the drug a god, and they glorify his name every day,

Here in this city, the fate of future nation builders is in a sickbed,
not knowing if it will make it through this Illness or death will be a safe room,

In this city, my brothers and sisters are holy in doing unholy things,
They will blindfold you with their Galaxy story till you become the next meal they feast on,

Here in this city, thousands of graduates roamed the city being busy doing nothing,
Because the standard set by this city is a connection before education,

Here in this city, are kids’ sellers on the street with shattered and broken vision,
Those kids who will not forgive yesterday for the dead promise today has prepared for tomorrow,

This city is an abused city, grief, agony, and suffering pull like a river in this
Place politicians have turned into a necropolis,

In this city, there is no place for boys and girls,
Boys turn men before they realize it, and girls must be women to fit in,

This city has sent a lot to their early graves,
Make some blind forever and others dumb,

This city is no place to live.

I’m an acclaimed poet, novelist, spoken-word artist, and a student leader. My work across multiple disciplines broadly addressed the narratives of human experience and challenges through poetry. As a poet, my works have been published on various reputable sites ranging from Hello Poetry, All poetry, Poetry Soup, Mirakee, Commaful, Rising Phoenix, and other relevant papers. Some of my works have also been featured on recognized African papers and sites ranging from MT. Kenya Time to CreatepreneurAfrica. I’m one of the authors of SOPWBACOP 20, one of the World's biggest anthology of contemporary poetry. My latest collection of poems entitled VICTIM is expected to be launched soon.

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