Because of the God I serve
l am who l am
He's always sent the right folks
When I needed them the most

In the specific locations
At the right time and seasons
I've met my destiny helpers
So willing and ready to abet

Many chances I've taken
Out of stout decisions
So fearlessly, I stood firm
Putting in a great deal of work

I've read a few books
That exposed me to life's truths
How to live and love
And to share with others

Healthily, I've learned to live
From what I eat and to whom I listen
How to think and act rightly
And to pray without ceasing

Leaning NOT on self-knowledge
But in God, my TRUST dwells
From whence my help cometh
l am who l am

I'm a contemporary writer. I have been hugely involved with writing Poetry, Quotes, and Academic Articles. I have a career in Information and Communication (IT), Economics, and currently pursuing one in Development Studies.

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