The pain pulls air out of my lungs
My smile hides under my sleeves
My cheeks are stained with tears
I weep blood that runs in my veins

Pricking voices keep echoing in my head
The darkness sinks to my core
My heart unwantingly reply to the thread
Hoping that this wind shall roll me to the shore

Each time I look at my past
My mind smells the thick liquid of misery
I see bruises on my skin that I couldn't imagine
My past stamps irregularity of yesterday

And now, I long for a purge
Heads up as I surf my mental subways
Striving to exit this purgatory
Longing for the light at the end of the tunnel

One day the smoke of hate will leave me
I'll wake up with smile blinking on my face
The river that flows will bring me joy
The cure of happiness will be seen

I'll glow like Pegasus on Mt.  Kilimanjaro
As I sash my heart with smiles
The fragrance of Pessimism will fade away
And like unicorn, I'll bring forth smiles

Charles is a young Liberian Spoken Word Poet and Author. He goes by the Penn Name: Charley De Inspirator and termed his writing style as Inspirational Poetry. His work has been featured in Local and Internal Poetry Magazines including PoetrySoup, We Write Liberia, League of Poets, Eboquils, hellopoetry, All Poetry, SpillWords, Shamsrumi, PoetrySoup, etc. Poetry has been his medium of communicating his thoughts and emotions and has used it to inspire many young people.

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