If you are tired of creating endless proposals, pitching and negotiating on price-points, only to get underbid by somebody else, consider joining a platform that does the marketing and sales on your behalf, leaving you to focus on your true passion - writing!

Ghostwriters bring stories to life that take their readers on unlimited adventures. They write memoirs and early readers, romance novels and how-to guides. They teach and educate the masses on a whole range of subjects, from potty training to the stock market. Ghostwriters are more than just writers; they are word wizards!

We are looking for word wizards to join our team!

Who We Are:

  • An established company that specializes in producing world-class ghostwritten works and much more!
  • A well-crafted Platform to connect you to customers and their projects that are ready and waiting to be tackled.
  • A fully remote workplace supporting freelance creatives and customers looking for the best of the best to help them with their projects.

What We Offer:

  • A platform where you can interact with customers, join their teams, be invited to work on orders, and request to work on orders all in one place!
  • A social community of the best writers and editors in the business.
  • The ability to build the long-term freelance writing career of your dreams!
  • A warm, supportive work environment filled with happy, pleasant people.
  • Flexible hours and a flexible workload.
  • The ability to choose your own projects and a consistent project pool to choose from.
  • Project diversity - the opportunity to work on everything from self-help books to SEO and fiction.

Who We Are Looking For Writers who:

  • Can comfortably write 1.500 words per day.
  • Has previous long-form experience (writing projects of 20,000 words or more).
  • Is looking for a long-term freelance relationship.
  • Is well-versed in American English.
  • A team player who loves collaboration.
  • A wordsmith who happily helps clients to bring their projects to life.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Our Writers:

“The books I have ordered from them have all been of fantastic quality, and go through rigorous quality controls before they are turned over to me. The writing, outlining, cover-designing have been of the highest standards. I will continue to be a happy customer of The Urban Writers. Thanks, SKN”

“I love working with The Urban Writers. They are absolutely fantastic. So professional with the highest quality writers and content. Their platform is great and communication is too. I am involved in every part of the writing and creation process. Incredible company and I know for sure I will be working with The Urban Writers forever. Caroline. UK”

What Our Urbanites Are Saying About Working With Us:

"TUW saved my life when Covid took both my jobs from me; a year later I have finally found financial stability again in a job that keeps me more occupied than ever before. I can't thank you enough for the way you took me under your wings and encouraged me with every order I took on. It's been such an exciting and rewarding experience writing for you, and I am so proud to have been part of such an incredible community. Thank you so very much for helping me become a better writer, and for being the source of many wonderful memories."

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In March 2017, Marco and Natasha decided to start a Self-Publishing business in the pursuit of passive income. With determination, and a deep burning desire to succeed, they built a successful Self-Publishing business that was able to support their income full time. Marco and Natasha worked hard and surrounded themselves with like-minded individuals. Networking and making connections were key factors in their success.

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