Two African men and one african woman

The sun shines differently in Africa.
Red dust, warmth, the scent of grass baked in the sun,
Beer, sweat and something sizzling, tasty.
Always I hear constant chatter, laughter, the closeness of people, and the deep wails of the grief stricken at funerals.
The depth of Africa is indescribable.
From the depth of her intensely vibrant nature,
To the depth of her people’s souls,
Nothing compares to Africa.
She is mother earth,
The center of wisdom,
The ever-giving garden crying as she endlessly feeds the world.
Her name softens the heart, calms the mind.
It seems I have left my heart in Africa
And justly so, for Africa is where I belong.

By Betty Kesate Birhan

African man dresses in a cultural attire.

Dear Africa,
I am fortunate to be born from your loins, the loins that have carried some of the bravest warriors and leaders that the world has ever seen, from John Chilembwe of malawi to Muammar Mohammed Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi of Libya, you have shown me that fights for freedom can be both quiet and vicious.

I have experienced your hospitality in the people of Zambia, Malawi and South Africa, I felt your rhythm in the Intore dance (dance of warriors) of the Rwandan people, and the Kwassa Kwassa dance of the Congolese people. I have seen your beauty in the highlands of Ethiopia and the valleys of Southern Africa.

I am grateful for the lessons of your culture, the spirit of ubuntu that I carry with me wherever I go. You have taught me that there is unity in dance and soccer. You have also taught me the beauty of your languages through the xhosa clicks and Nigerian pidgin and for this I am thankful.

I hope that you will regain your glory because of your resilient spirit which I have seen and experienced in the people of South Africa and Rwanda. Your spirit to rebuild and start over in the eyes of your youth comforts me and your journey to reconnect your continent to itself through Agenda 2063 is more reassuring.

Your spirit moves me and others alike to fight, preserve, celebrate and defend you.

By Yafika Chitanda

African women dressed in Hijabs.

Dear Africa,
I have a desire, one that my forefathers had too. My desire is for my homeland to join together, and be one. One United house, one people with shared ideals of finer times to come. It’s a very challenging desire but it’s also attainable.

In the past we have seen indications of it’s prospect, during the fight against apartheid in the south of the continent, during the peace talks of the Nigerian civil war and presently as the rebuilding of Somalia is happening. My homeland lets learn from the past and the enormous cost of disunity, Africa don’t make the same mistakes of old.

It’s from one Africa that we shall honor the first men to walk on this glorious continent, the unity will commemorate the old kingdoms and Empires of the Nubians, Zulu, Ghana, and the Congo. It’s only through unity that Africa will finally conquer the threat of the next wave of colonialism on the horizon.

My dearest Africa, the future is globalization and a federation would give your sons and daughters an advantage in the realm of men. Africa, you are my birthplace and will always be my home. It’s from the deepest of affection that one Africa is sought. In this lifetime, not for the generations to come but now is the time for you to take your place as one Africa.

By Musanjufu Benjamin

giraffes in the African wild

Dear Africa,
Africa, dynamic, vibrant motherland, the splendor and beauty of an entire continent filled with people of varying ethnicities, languages, rich cultures, and heritage. The sights and sounds of history reverberate loudly across one continent awakening the radiance of nature in it's purest state.

From the peak of the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, to the Nile River to the summits of the Kilimanjaro mountains, from high above the Mulanje Mountains in Malawi, down the Draa Valleys of Morroco. From the magnificent African Renaissance Monument in Senegal down to the depths of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. The Snowcapped Rwenzori Mountains and the source of the Nile in Uganda. From the luscious radiance of the exotic riding Safari in Kenya to the vast sandy plains of the Sahara in Morocco and the ancient cultures of Benin and the Nok culture in Nigeria. The undeniable beauty of Africa is indeed a spectacle to behold, the vast array of culture and magnificence is simply overwhelming.

Oh, my African dream.
I dream of a united Africa, where All African countries come together, share resources, and work as one for the progress of the continent.
I dream of an all-inclusive Africa, where we speak with one voice.
I dream of an Africa free from political instability, ethnic and religious intolerance.
I dream of an Africa free from violence, corruption, social injustice, and gender inequality.
I dream of an Africa where every African has access to free and quality education, and universal health care.
I dream of an Africa where elections are conducted free and fair and the voices of the electorate are reflected in the votes.
I dream of an Africa with visionary and transformative leaders working for the progress of their citizens, country, and Africa.
I dream of an Africa where youth power and energy are harnessed and guided.
I dream of an Africa where women are in leadership positions and the girl child has access to equal opportunities.
I dream of an Africa where citizens’ rights are upheld especially women and children. I dream of an Africa where unemployment is a thing of the past and economic opportunities abound.
I dream of an Africa were innovation and creativity are harnessed for the development of the continent.
I dream of an Africa where everyone has access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene.
I dream of an Africa free from poverty and hunger.
I dream of an Africa where animals are protected and the environment is free from pollution. This is the Africa we want.
We all need to collaborate and ACT NOW to bring our African dream to fruition.

By Igube Veronica Pana

African old man sitted by a tree

Africa listen as your daughters sing your praises,
As your young men dance to your beat.
Watch as your old men tell your tales with joy,
As the older women groom the young to honour you.
Africa birth place of kings and queens,
Home of the mightiest of warriors,
You have given birth to so much beauty
That others had to steal from you.
Art and science you taught the world,
Silver and gold no other land could compare to.
Africa awake from your slumber,
Arise and shine and reclaim your throne.
Will you sleep as your children's blood flood the rivers,
As the cries of your young pierce God's own heart?
Arise Africa, rise with the same violence the other lands dealt you.
Show them the Africa of old,
Where no one dared to enter but it's own,
A land where dances and singing reigned,
Where wine was spilt and not blood.
Arise and listen to the beat, the African beat that your children play.
Wake up to it's melody and avenge your people.

By Andrew Chilenga

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