A statue of two soldiers.

I have been delving my thoughts into the situation going on in Chad. Chad is an African country which is still practicing military rule. Due to a leadership tussle, war has broken out and social unrest has set in. People have started running helter skelter. Wailing has become the chorus to the lyrics of guns and bombs. The black are killing blacks again.

In my hostel, I have been talking about this situation with my peers. I so much delve into it to the extent of non-necessity. I have been pitying more than I should because, pity which is not prayer won't do anything to the palava on ground. Prayer is what really matters, that's what my momma would say provided she was here discussing this with me. Well, to me, common sense is what Africans have been in need of, and as a result, we are lagging behind on the progress track.

What's the reasoning behind all the killing and suffering? Who would answer my questions? Nobody I guess. As a citizen of this earth who has spent almost two decades and a half, there are certain questions whose answers I should have known. One of which is, the rationale behind this war and civil unrest. Then what's the answer, you might ask, right?

Human greediness. That's it -- human selfishness. Some people want to attract all good to themelves. Individuals come forth canvassing for the betterment of themselves, their people and their future at the detriment of others. Human sense of natural justice has been disrupted with egoism. And at the same time humans won't like to be dominated over. Those who feel cheated wouldn't want to remain as such. Then reactions would birth brawl and then brawl would birth wars. War is now in Chad. May God save Chad.

It's always interesting when watching war scenes in (American) movies. The action is always fascinating because it's all acting. What's going on in Chad is not acting. It's a real life scenario. The like of one that took place in Libya and other African countries some time back. Consult history, and it will feed you till your full. War is not like pounded yam, and it's not like palp, my people would say. Nothing is easy about war. Sure there might be people who would benefit from it. But the truth is until the end, their faith too is still hanging.

I was still in my father's loin when the Nigerian civil war broke out in 1967, but history taught me a lot. That lot from books made me cry. I was crying because humans forget humanity when violence presents itself. I was wondering why we as humans still don't get the simple truth that, life is hell itself already, that we should not further make it hard for ourselves again. And in most cases, war is like a business of mongering, those who they push to the battle field are usually just prey used by the big (Fisher) men to catch big fish under water.

For the purpose of humanity, I compose this little read. I propose you read and share for many eyes to see. War in Chad is an issue that concerns all African countries. I have done little through the ball of my pen to show caring for my brothers in distress. I implore you, dear reader, to use what you have from wherever you are to negatize the Chadian war. A prayer would suffice.

I'm a third year Law undergraduate at the University of Ilorin, Ilorin Nigeria, whose love for Art and Literature is immoderate. I'm a reader who is learning to be a writer. I have read across Motivation, Biographies, Politics and Leadership e.t.c. Writing to me is a key to set oneself free from emotional challenges of life and a means to paint one's world with words in many colours and styles. I'll never be satisfied with whatever I become without a "Writer" in it.

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