A guitar.

Strumming the strings of our hearts
It was amazing how we learned
each other this beautiful art
We were both were good players
of the same instrument
Casting our souls into fine
pleasurable moments
I remember how skilfully you used
to pluck my heartstrings
Oh darling, mesmerizing me
with sweet feelings.

Memories of gentle, soothing acoustics
linger in my mind
Oh, how I wish I could rewind
Those long-gone days only to find you
once more and mend our differences
Poor me! I wish I had made the sacrifices
It hurts the way we parted ways
and broke our guitar
Over the years, I tried to look for you,
close but no cigar
The remnants of our broken love are
scattered across my heart barren field
In my loneliness, I have found a sheath
where my feelings shield
And since then, I have kept
my heart sealed.

JahArt Kushite
South African

I'm a Capetown based poet well known for soul capturing poetry. I’m a self published author of the book "Wailing Soul ", a compilation of heart wrenching poems of life and lost love available on Amazon. I’m a contributing writer to the book (I,The Writer ) by SweetyCat Press, Colors Of Love (Rock Pigeon Publications) and an active author with Spillwords.com.

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