It was a cold Thursday night in Lagos, I just finished work and was tired. I got home laid on my bed summoned some little strength to go through some work files I needed to submit tomorrow. “Not like I enjoy what I am doing, my boss wasn’t even helping too. I wish I could find something else.” I thought to myself, after a while I rounded up and shut down my PC.

I was quite bored, and I live alone in a one bedroom apartment. I’ve never loved having friends over, so I was comfortable with the way things were. I guess that’s why I make few friends.

(Phone ringing, conversation ended)

It’s my mom again, as always. “When will you bring a man over?” she would always ask. And my reply would always be “Mom, God gives husbands, when the time comes you’ll see.” We never really agree on anything when it comes to issues like this, I got immuned to these discussions and at some point I would only say okay and let her win.

I logged on my Facebook, I wasn’t really a chatty person but I had to check my messages because I was bored. I didn't like social media much, maybe it was because of the way my friends were getting married every month, I’m tired of all the marriage goals, I feel bad most of the time.

“Hey dear.” I got a message from a stranger on Facebook. I wasn’t really sure if I should reply. I kept going through my timelines and I realized all my pictures were liked by this same stranger. I went back to his chat and replied

woman texting on phone

Me: Hey!
Stranger: How are you dear? I have been wanting to get your attention. Thanks for replying. 😊
Me: oh really, uwc tho.
Stranger: I would love us to be friends. Hope you’re cool with that? 🙂

The conversation kept going but I wasn’t comfortable with being friends with him so I logged off from Facebook and went to bed leaving his last message unread.

As months past he kept sending messages even though he wasn't getting replies. I muted 🤐 him. I saw him as a stalker and I never loved such persons. My friends say I’m selective, but I guess not. I’m just looking for the man who will catch my attention. “But how, when you don’t even give them a chance. Men don’t fall from the sky you know!” Steph would say to me. She’s always been my friend from college. She’s too real for a person and she was always ready to tell the truth even if it hurts. Although I wasn’t so happy when she said certain things but she was right about them.

After two years of muting guys, and yes! I was still single and waiting for a guy to fall from heaven. As always going through my Facebook timeline when I’m bored. It dawned on me to go check out this stalker who was all over my chat. 💭
I saw a lot of messages sent overtime but then I realized he had stopped sending for over a year. His last message got me excited. “Could we meet?” This message was sent last year.
I decided to buzz him this time, maybe I felt I was ready to give him a chance. I was scared 😮 because I felt I was too desperate. I got no reply yet. I went to bed again that night 🛏.

Two days later, I still got no reply from him after my usual tour through my Facebook feeds before leaving for bed. It occurred to me I’ve never gone through his profile to know what he looks like. I went ahead to check his display picture and I realized he was quite handsome for a friend. I said this while smiling. I went ahead to check his timeline.

As I scrolled through he's timeline a cold chill went through my spine and tears rolled down my cheeks. I saw devastating posts of him.
“It’s been a year now, since you left us, and today marks your birthday but it’s sad you’re not here to celebrate. You’ll forever be remembered.”

“RIP Wayne, till we meet again.”

I couldn’t continue reading them because my eyes were blurry. Was this the same guy who messaged me?. My heart was heavy and I felt guilty for not being nice, for not sending a text at least. And now it was too late, he was gone.

What a Black Night again!

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