Are you an African Author, Poet, Writer or Researcher looking for a convenient platform to sell and market your books, research, poems and articles? Sell with us by signing up on the Tumaini Pan-African Audio-Visual Library.

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Key Areas Of Collaboration

We are curating and uploading the biggest collection of African literature.

  • The pan African Audio Visual Library shall work with re-known entities and individual authors to furnish it with a well curated collection of books written by Africans and people of African descent.
  • The library shall convey this collection in a soft copy format (popularly known as e-book format).
  • This collection shall be uploaded on the library’s e-commerce website, where buyers can purchase these soft copy books online using standard and secure payment mechanisms.
  • The Library shall be in charge of marketing these books not only on the African continent but also across the global using its rich global network, targeting mainly, Africans and people of African descent.
  • A selected collection of African Literature shall be reproduced in an animated format to cater for the younger audiences and to aid in the preservation and transmission of this knowledge. This will be done with full observation of copyright and intellectual property rights law.
  • Furthermore, another carefully selected collection of books will be transmitted in an audio format, and where necessary even translated in different most commonly used African languages on the continent. Still, this will be done with full observation of copyright and intellectual property rights law.
  • The pre-eminent authors of African Literature will be featured in the Tumaini Africa Knowledge Center Fire Place Series, where they can share insights about their writings and interact with a live audience.

Key Areas Of Negotiation

  • The payment System that best suits all parties concerned.
  • E-payments will be the mode of payment. Propositions about the payment gateway are welcome. Mobile Money option will also be available and the prices will be customized to the library user’s location. For example: In Uganda, prices will be in UGX, Nigeria-Naira etc.

  • Profit Sharing Agreement
  • Currently the Library gives 70% of the sales proceedings to the author and 30% goes to the library. This payment is reflected automatically on a monthly basis. For institutional entities, suggestions are welcome.

  • Cost-Sharing
  • The library shall take care of the platform, including its maintenance, advertising and other costs. the partnering individual or organization does not contribute any costs to this effect.

Benefits Of Selling With Us

  • Reach millions.
  • Huge opportunity to improve your sales by tapping into the 334 plus million digital buyers across Africa.

  • Make money
  • Get up to 70% of each sell we make, with just one single submission. Enjoy secure payments, where funds are regularly deposited directly to your bank account or mobile money instantly upon request for withdraw.

  • Convenient
  • Monitor your sales and earnings on your own dashboard.

Target Audience

Africans & People of African Descent.

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