African man meditating.

I drown myself completely inner
And remain submerged under
I drift my sanity onto fathoms
In trying to shift these atoms
Defining my present shell
Where I fill and feel like hell

I tumble and fumble in this orbit
Wishing life had a reset or a hint
Knowing where to step my feet
In trying to make ends meet.

I keep my head up and rock on
The good and bad I reckon
As I meditate, I sift
Acknowledging the gift
Of breath of life above all
Whether my back is pushed
against the wall
Or gliding through sweet times
It is wise knowing that all
is seasonal like vines.

JahArt Kushite
South African

I'm a Capetown based poet well known for soul capturing poetry. I’m a self published author of the book "Wailing Soul ", a compilation of heart wrenching poems of life and lost love available on Amazon. I’m a contributing writer to the book (I,The Writer ) by SweetyCat Press, Colors Of Love (Rock Pigeon Publications) and an active author with

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