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She Says, He Says

The exciting thing about humanity is how similar, and yet different women and men are. How they relate to situations, how they think, react and interpret each others statements and expressions.

Black Night

It was a cold Thursday night in Lagos, I just finished work and was tired. I got home laid on my bed summoned some little strength to go through some work files I needed to submit tomorrow.

Question Marks

How can you run away from a home that no longer needs the smell of you? That evening I packed everything and left the house. I was weary and broken. It was 1979, the same year I stepped...

Ripe For Passage

An African man was respected, feared, and obeyed. He was expected to be strong, fierce, and brave. Not tiny Kipng'eno. I was 14 years old and ripe for our tribe’s rite of passage—circumcision.

Kenkey House

Akweley sits beside the burning pile of firewood, eyeing the boiling balls of husked kenkey. Her twin sister Akorkor is attending to the fish; deftly turning pieces of fish this way and that in the hot oil.